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WE ARE professional nature photographers, or wildlife photographer.
Since we first began working together in 1983, we have always signed our work with both our names. It is the work that leads up to the “click” that counts: choosing a subject, finding the right angle for a shot, scouting the best place to approach wild animals, choosing the right lighting. We always work this phase together, hence our four-handed signature.
We make it our goal to photograph nature unobtrusively. Very often, we work closely with associations, NGOs, and scientists specialized in nature. As naturalists first and foremost, photography is a way to help us protect nature, since powerful images can have a powerful effect on raising awareness.
We began our first photos in Brenne, France, where we live. The European pond turtle and grebes, our first two “real” stories, have becomes our mascots. After that we began to photograph the migratory birds that flew over the many lakes of our area, following them further and further, from Spain to Finland, and West Africa to Siberia.
Though wildlife is our specialty, we always take interest in the people who live in the regions where our work takes us, from the Dolgans of Taymyr to the Bidyogo people of Guinea Bissau. Perhaps this is because our native Brenne maintains a judicious balance of the forces of nature and those, increasingly powerful, of human beings.


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